Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I think I killed that Lilly Pilly

I think a dry spring caught me. I went away for a weekend training camp and this lovely six year old Lilly Pilly was all fresh and flush with new season's growth.

When I returned it was BupBowww. I knew that my decision to allocate more brain tine to skydiving was going to have its casualties. Apparently this nice little plant is one of them.

We'll see. Sometimes there's a Lazarus.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And sometimes there's a Lazarus

And this Hardenbergia "Happy Wanderer" I put in a few months ago. Died off when I pruned something else giving this too much sun, unexpectedly. But it's back. That's nice.

Stuff dies, life goes on

Gardening helps me see this clearly. I heard it once about farming "if you've got livestock,  you also get deadstock" and it happens in the garden too.

I've had a bougainvillea in for a few years now in a pot. It works fine in Singapore - they just water them every day and it's all fine. Last year I lost one about this time, and this year I'm seeing the leaves wilt on the remaining one. I'm pretty sure the roots get a fungus in the cold and that's it.

And when I've had these self seeded passionfruit marigold (tagetes lemonii) they get to a foot tall in a pot and then just die. Second time now. Rootbound perhaps.

Things die, life goes on.