Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Water: Pretty darn good

I've got to thinking about water recently.

The essence of life.

Growing up in Adelaide in the 1970s it was fair sport to complain about the water. "Adelaide tap water" was an epithet my dad used regularly.

But times move on. The days of runninh a bath that has a brown tinge and an earthy smell. Gone. And our water is safe to drink. At 0.4 cents per litre.

There's a far higher chance of getting poisoned out of a rainwater tank.

Sure, by comparison, Melbourne water or spring water are sweet, sweet life. But where ours costs a maximum of $3.84 per kilolitre.

The sweet sweet life you see below costs about $640 per kilolitre.

Adelaide water is pretty damn good.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Boar taint: yuk!

I swear that the reason pork sells so badly is because of a thing called "boar taint".

By the time a male pig gets to a certain age, his hormones make the meat such that it stinks - almost like it has gone off.

It takes a strong stomach to get through that and most people just say "yuk! I don't like pork"

But I've gotten past that. Sweet pork loin chops are a special thing. I bought some rind just today to make a plate of crackling

Bup bowww. I got most of the way through cooking it but just can't stand any more. It's disgusting. I'm sure it's boar taint.

Seems like the dog has had a win tonight. And Coles might need to think better about their suppliers.