Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vege bed ready

Each year I manage to reclaim a little more space for growing beds. This year with the use of a couple of sleepers I managed to reclaim a 750x2400 bed from what was a bigger compost heap.

It's got a 200mm layer of mushroom compost as the base and 200mm of organic loam as the topsoil. Fantastic.

I'll put two lemongrass plants at the back against the iron, and this year I'll plant some radishes and carrots then turn them over to late season tomatoes perhaps around January.

I'm off to work today, which I'll start before the sun comes up, but I should be home in time to get the radishes and the carrot seeds in, before dark.

A fresh garden bed is always so full of promise. When in gets a little established after a few years it's time to either fully replace the soil or plant it out to fruit trees.

And I keep hunting for new patches to claim.

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