Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chooks will beat weevils for you

Here's a look at weevil damage:

They sit in the leaf litter under a plant during the day, come out at night and take monstrous chunks out of your plant's leaves. Weevils love citrus, as here, but they will go after many things and the damage is huge.

The chemical treatments are harsh. Spray a ring of Carbaryl or Bathyroid around the trunk of your tree which is meant to stop them climbing it. Bad chemicals - I'll use them when I have to but would rather not.

But the chooks are good.

They jump into my big pots and scratch them up, and you can see them eating whatever it is they scratch out. Scratch scratch, peck peck.

And then they move on. I top up the soil and the job is done.

Important - if you're planning to put chookies into action for this, desist from using those bad chemicals for a year. Who needs that stuff in our food stream?

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