Monday, December 19, 2011

Artichoke a pretty flower

I got a little unexpected luck here. Somebody gave me a tiny artichoke plant a year and a half ago, got three flowers in the first year then took some bad advice.

At the end of last spring after their flowering, I was told to cut the plants down to the ground. It went against everything I know about gardening but the person advising was very sure of themselves. It was bad advice. The whole plant languished through summer, then winter and was slow to move in spring. I got a flower a month ago and thought that was it.

But then we got a flower just then. Nice. So my plan is to let the artichoke run through summer, build strength up and then cut it down to the ground in early autumn.

That's how I hear to do it with asparagus, too.

Live and learn. The person who told me to cut early had a bad season too. I'm sure my way will work better.

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