Saturday, January 28, 2012

Clever cooking with a secret ingredient

OK so it's not such a big deal but for me all cooking is an adventure.

I made a standard beef curry but because I was out at my father on law's place I saw he had some black figs. Oki then.

So here's how I made the curry. A kilo of beef mince, fried hard, fat drained off. Fried three quartered onions gently to transparent. Put it all together, put some salt and curry powder over the top, then ten quartered tomatoes.

All pretty standard. But then I topped and tailed about six small figs, halved them, put them in, covered and simmered for 40 minutes, with a stir sometimes. To finish I poured in a can of coconut milk, cranked up the heat, reduced to my preferred consistency before thickening with 2 tbs of cornflour in a half cup of water.

Served with rice and it really was amazing. Oh, and served five people with four follow up meals for about $8.

This clever cooking can be fun. And I got some of Luigi's wood from the black fig, so I might get my own one day.

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