Sunday, May 13, 2012

Poached egg challenge stage 3

So Andre Ursini was in furious agreement with Spence Denny. Salt the water, vinegar. Andre did add something though - if you have a little black truffle laying around it would go well with poached eggs. More later.

The result - variable, ranging from a little strippy to Spence's benchmark "like an egg that has no shell on it". I think the variability was due to operator issues. If in doubt, replace.

But they scrubbed up well, even the visually un appealing ones

And Andre's suggestion of truffle got a ride, too. When out at the marvelous Bottega Rotolo yesterday I picked up a truffle/mushroom sauce. Something new for me that made it great.

And I learnt two other things.

Spence must like his toast darker than me because his timing benchmark of "pull the eggs out when the toast pops" left a little uncooked white in the egg.

The other is to gently shift the egg off of where it lands in the pan. (almost stirring, as you might do with a Mongolian steamboat). The cleaned (but not completely) pan shows how the eggs caught a little on the bottom of the pan.

Still, my 15 year old son of high culinary standards is also converted to the idea that a well poached egg is the very best way to have one. Come on chookies - keep at it

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