Tuesday, July 16, 2013

That's no hen! Free now.

"Malteser" the rooster goes free. When Jonah asked if I could take one of the chicks that they raised in class at the end of last year I was bloodyminded.

"Make sure it's female because if it's a rooster I'll kill it, and cook it."

Jonah assured me that a chicken sexer had come out and that I was, for sure, getting a girl. Bupbowwwww.

Fast forward six months to where it starts trying to hump my hens, stands a foot and a half tall, has laid no eggs and recently has crowed from 6am until 2pm.

The good news, Jonah and myself had agreed that being male (for Malteser) did not warrant execution. So I rolled up to a pleasant place in the hills, and he has his freedom. That may last only one night or he may live longer than me. But he's free now.

And so are we.

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