Thursday, August 18, 2011

The lawn will have to wait another year

Sometimes the garden won't wait, you either do the job when it needs to be done or you wait another year. My kikuyu lawn is ready to be scarified. I've cut it down to the lowest level and spring is on the way.

It's a job for this weekend to hire a scarified for a half a day and de-thatch the lawn. It rips out all the dead matter opens up the soil and rejuvenates the lawn. Perfect world every year, real world every three, I think it's been five for me.

The year you've done it, the lawn is as good as any designer lawn.

But it won't happen this weekend. I have a football morning for my boy, exams to mark, final assignments to mark, other assignments to mark, a course to write and a whole day in at work for the very important job of representing our programs to one of our key markets.

So perhaps the job will wait until next week, but more likely it will wait until next year.

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