Monday, February 13, 2012

Perhaps don't gamble with "bastard" seedlings

If you pay your $4 for six seedlings and treat them well, you'll get something.

Every year I gamble. A close family member raised some seedlings from a tomato they had and gave me some. Reluctantly I put a heap of them in, alongside a "mighty red" that I bought.

In a pot, one of these plants of questionable origin is looking promising. Actually I planted three seedlings and forced them with potash and protected them with all sorts of methods. The othe five plants out in the garden - lots of green, no fruit, diseased.

And then the one mighty red that I planted has given me 2kg so far, with another 2kg sitting on there, green.

So when we choose to gamble to save $4 by using volunteer seedlings it often takes a whole growing season to determine if it will pay off. And even with my one minor win this year, it didn't.

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