Monday, March 19, 2012

Beautiful little plant headed for the scrap heap

I pulled a little seedling out of another pot and put it into its own little pot. At the time I thought it was a mulberry, because I've had at least one of those pop up recently.

But unfortunately (for the plant) it appears to be a fig tree.

Unless you like the idea of a three year gamble with a bastard plant, don't plant out seedling figs. The stories I hear are consistently ones of huge, rambly trees (as figs always are) with fruit that stay as little marbles and never ripen.

But perhaps one in a thousand you might get the biggest, juiciest, sweetest fig. You could register it for plant breeder's rights and maybe make some money.

But for me, this little plant above is off to the green waste bin, or the compost heap.

If you want a good fig, find a tree that has great fruit and put some sticks from it into some soil. Perhaps in late winter.

To be honest, the winter thing doesn't even matter that much. This last two pots have about 15 plants that have taken off from cuttings I did about six weeks ago.

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