Saturday, September 15, 2012

Creative villainy in the native garden

Cape wattle is a noxious weed. I bought one fifteen years ago before it was declared. It grew, tall, a little ugly, threw out some seed pods and died. A second generation plant grew, got tall and straggly, three out some seed pods and I recently cut it down.

And now for the creative villainy. A third generation Cape Wattle - its a South African plant - is About 4ft tall. I will let it grow 15ft tall, but then poison it and leave the trunk there for the Happy Wanderer (Hardenbergia) to climb up. Both are sitting there to start their duel.

With any luck I won't need to kill the Cape Wattle. The Happy Wanderer might strangle it.

If anybody wants to see how thuggish the Cape Wattle is, go for a walk above Waterfall Gully in Adelaide. They're rampant. All my leaf waste stays on my property so it's not breaking out of here. But this is the last generation I'll be allowing to grow.

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