Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why nature rules 2: A complex dance but not a capricious mistress

As with point 1, nature doesn't lie. All problems have some underlying logic to them. The does not mean that nature's challenges are simple, just that they are not driven by the whims of human behaviour.

Working with nature is like a dance - certain things need to be done at certain times to get the best benefit.

I think of soursobs - oxalis. If you don't know the dance, they come back every year.

You get annoyed in winter and pull them out and they're clear for a week. Or if you know the dance, you spray - once - when they're in full flower and just receding. But then you never have soursobs again. It takes knowledge, nerve, patience and a willingness to act when required.

But if you dance right, you get the result. If you don't get the result, you read the signs wrong.

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