Sunday, August 18, 2013

French onion soup - yeh!

My lovely girl Mia once referred to me as "the user", mhm. Can I rephrase that to "the user upper" although discussion could be entered into.

I use stuff up. These days when I cook a meal I don't serve for myself. I just eat what my family doesn't. We've had the discussion about spit. When there is too much broccoli I cook broccoli dishes. Too many eggs welcome to the quiches.

So I found myself (through too much buying and a really good price deal) with too many brown onions. I wish I could feel different but shit, the French are good at lots of things. So with a freezer full of stock and too many onions I found a use. And it's gourmet!

Technique can turn boring stuff into brilliance.

The one I did was basically a French onion process with a few mushrooms extra..

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