Saturday, September 19, 2015

Boar taint: yuk!

I swear that the reason pork sells so badly is because of a thing called "boar taint".

By the time a male pig gets to a certain age, his hormones make the meat such that it stinks - almost like it has gone off.

It takes a strong stomach to get through that and most people just say "yuk! I don't like pork"

But I've gotten past that. Sweet pork loin chops are a special thing. I bought some rind just today to make a plate of crackling

Bup bowww. I got most of the way through cooking it but just can't stand any more. It's disgusting. I'm sure it's boar taint.

Seems like the dog has had a win tonight. And Coles might need to think better about their suppliers.

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