Thursday, July 28, 2011

Interconnectedness: A religion I can get behind

I'll directly refer - and attribute - this guy's lead picture. The entire field below is only the size of a full moon, but almost all the specks are galaxies.

What a brilliant post - pretty heavy though.

"I realize that there are other popular modes of grappling with the human condition. I’ve worked my way through many of them in my search for peace. But so far every other approach has disappointed me. Material accumulation, professional achievement, and romantic attachments have all let me down; if they had not, I’d probably still be a surgeon dwelling in an oversized house. Living from a sense of personal importance while striving to satisfy desires has never worked for long; sooner or later I fail in my goals or tire of my conquests. Although religious belief provides solace for many, I’ve found faith in anything more particular than vague mystical currents difficult to maintain in the face of disappointment and loss. Only humble recognition of my small but engaged role in this kaleidoscopic universe has led to stable peace."

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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