Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pulling apart your Cryovac-ed bacon

One of the great technical successes in food. Vaccum packing.

Now it's not bulletproof, you still need to refrigerate your product - danger lies any other way. But by excluding oxygen you can get up to 12 weeks shelf life out of a beef primal - amazing.

And 12 weeks out of bacon is a doddle. For the consumer however - a downside is how it sticks together so hard. Some manufacturers are doing semirigid gas flush packs, good on them, that's a solution.

But if you're just buying $9/kg vac packed bacon - like me - here's a trick. Do a rough split. I generally split to 2x375g, fold it, put it in the Tupperware and then the freezer.

When defrosted, the bacon just falls apart. Easy.

Yeh Yeh. Mundane post. But they can't all be world changers.

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