Saturday, November 19, 2011

Buying Beef? Beware Bone Taint

BAck in the old packaging sales days were were taught about seven types of spoilage. Many thanks to that employer for that brilliant commonsense training in food technology.

Most of these spoilage types are pretty well known by us all - putrification, mould, dehydration - yummy. Some others are less well known, like rancidity (oxidation of fats) but you'll pick something is off.

But be really careful of this one. Bone taint. I don't see it much at all on lamb but on beef it really gets up. Especially in these high O2 packs that are the perfect retail case ready solution for beef.

The bone goes dark, and when you've cooked it there's a really odd, horrible smell and flavour. This one on the osso bucco is probably not too bad, but the more dark, the more yuk.

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