Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Praise the lord for grandparents

The unacknowledged asset of our day. I'm sitting next to a couple in a plane, and they have a toddler. On a six hour flight it was likely to get cranky. But four hours in it's all cool, many thanks to the grandparents sitting behind.

I, too, am such a beneficiary. Why else would I be Cullen of Adelaide? Sure, the practical help is amazing but also to have the values of my inlaws and my mother imbued on my kids? Priceless.

My boss is such a grandparent, so are many of my colleagues. One day god willing (and in the right circumstances) so will I be. If not in the right circumstances, then however.

But as I said. Praise the lord for the grandparents. Not least on this flight.

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