Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to make the most of a ham bone

I left a family 'do' recently with a whole heap of great food (which we have used) and a ham bone. I know that a ham bone is one of the great assets, way ahead of a roasted chicken frame and just behind a prosciutto bone.

So a searchon how to use this asset told me that I should create a solid "Lima bean" base. Lima or butter beans are big and sloppy - overcook them and you'll get mash.

These are perfectly done:

But a great recipe here showed me how to get them ready and then you can use them for three bean mix but better for a pasta fagioli.

Out of pure pigheadedness I will probably make pasta fagioli so that my kids will know what Dean Martin meant when he said "that's amore!"

Ow, now that I've looked at the Google images of pasta fagioli I know that it's like the tomato broth that beloved mother in law Dora does quite often. Better go buy some new shaped pasta.

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