Sunday, December 30, 2012

I know what you're doin, and I don't like it

I can see you there. Self seeded and drooping over my navel orange. For sure you look stronger now, but you'll never give me oranges.

Yeh fine. I'll water you both, for now. But ther will be a time, not too far away, when I come around with a pair of secateurs and some Trichlopyr (mixed 1:6 with kerosene) and take all you fuckers out.

It's a once a year deal but all those crap trees - golden raintree,  date palm, alders, maples (acers) that are in the wrong place and too rooted in to pull out - gone. It's a 45min job. Tralala.

But I'll blog you when I've exterminated you.


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