Saturday, March 19, 2011

Get ahead of winter with $20 of plastic

I cleared a little spot a few weeks ago. I HATE buying tomatoes, so in winter I try to get something.

Easier said than done. Still I go with the right varieties - the Burnley variants are meant to be cold tolerant - and this year I've got my plastic up early.

This is a little raised bed and I've stuck some snapdragon baskets in there as well. Snapdragon last beautifully into winter if you can keep some heat on them. I love the snob value of possibly having explosive displays on hanging baskets in August.

The basil is from summer and I might be able to keep it alive - impossible without controlled climate. Finally I'll try to overwinter those Asian chillis for an early start next spring. I think the important thing - get the plastic up now and get your plants into the rhythm.

Those tomatoes have grown ten inches in the week they've been under plastic.

The only shortcoming here is that the bed is a little too "groundy". It's raised a little but come winter it'll be as cold as death. Few plants like that for their roots.

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