Thursday, March 31, 2011

I get the carpark caper

Well that's a lucky thing. Through the pushes and pulls of life it turns out that I get to be in Adelaide this weekend. My bud Steve Goodman is working in Singapore this weekend which is also a great thing to do. I must say, though, that if I did it this time around it would have been an amazing string of coincidences - me in Singapore on a weekend that really soul-nourishing stuff (for me) was happening here in Adelaide. It happened a few times last year as well.

So the ABC at Collinswood turns its carpark over to a gardening show and plant sale twice a year. Crusty old fuddy duddies (like me) go out there, listen to the gardening talkback radio on their headphones and buy cheap plants. Boring for everyone else I know, but I like it. And my kids are slowly getting infected.

So Steve I know the pepper crab will be great and Singapore is amazing - my favourite other country - and I'm happy here this weekend as well. See you next week.

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