Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet) on borrowed time

Gotta say, I resisted all the nervous nanny state stuff about toxic plants and readily planted (propagated) Angel's Trumpets around my garden but truly, they suck.

As a gardener I am constantly aware that everything about them is poisonous; and whilst the propagate easily they will grow with any real help to 3m tall in a year. So they shade everything and take over. Their flowers are nice enough, so if you're a neglectful gardener, I suppose it's the plant for you. Even a couple of pink varietals I bought - insipid stringy upside down trumpet flowers. Nope. A bit of a loser of a plant.

I'll keep one for posterity because my late grandmother dear Kathleen loved the one I gave her and dismissed the handwringers over it all.

Paraphrase: "if they're silly enough to take all the flowers of an known poisonous plant, boil them up and ingest them what can I do?"

But otherwise, bye bye Brugmansia. I have plenty of other plants that can use your sun and soil.

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