Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The winter ripening shelf

In summer I use this shelf to ripen tomatoes, and I've still got a few coming (see on the right) but we're into cold season now.

So a row of persimmons I got from the rare fruit society $2 seem to be just the answer. One needs to ripen them until they are almost rotten, but they're the closest thing you'll get to fresh fruit in winter. And Luigi my father in law remembers persimmons as a delicacy to fight over. This year I'll do a ripening experiment, and I think I'll put a tree in.

It IS nice to see something fresh in the chill of winter. I love a crunchy fresh fruit and you'll never get that with persimmons, but then in July you'll never get it with any other fruit either.

Unless you import stuff from the Atherton tablelands or like I'm doing next week GO TO THE SOUTH OF FRANCE! Sorry for yelling, it's exuberance.

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