Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lunch at L'Atelier

Well it was good last Wednesday. I raced around Paris, collected images and memories (what'll you do with only a day and a half?) and that was great, but lunch was an amazing experience. A once in a lifetime, to be honest. I enjoyed a magic time with a good friend and simply could not believe it could be done so well. Small portions of perfectly prepared food and wine that was really nice. This was called a "terrine" but it was 2mm thick and beautifully oiled and spiced fish.
The lamb was tiny, but perfect, and each broad bean was lovely too. And the mashed potatoes are impossible to describe.
Then some pork and more mashed potatoes while my buddy had some shellfish:

After a while we decided to have some prosciutto - I couldn't take my eyes off that ham, Jean-Eric tells me it's call Iberico, and the staff told me it gets fed on acorns. It did tastr like Nutella.

And so we had dessert too: J-E had something with rum and I had something with strawberries.

So I know I'm not being all gushy about it. Because that gets a bit old. But it truly was the best restaurant I'd ever been in.

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  1. Same for me, thanks to you Cullen... Where do we go next? It's my turn to invite....