Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello again garden

It's lovely to see you. I love how we work together, that when I have to go off during the week you stay here, taking in the sun making the most of the environment.

This chilly morning is good for you - many of your stone fruit and even your grapevines need a certain amount of winter chill to "flick the switch to spring" - many thanks to friend Larry for that little insight.

I can only visit you in the evenings during the week, but when I come back to you on Saturday morning you are always here. Now you have some spinach, broccoli, lettuce and rocket starting up.

I'll give some of your lettuce seedlings to Aaron, my brother in law, and I will plant a new row of broccoli I have raised and also give Aaron some.

I'll duck in and out of my work room, I have two courses to write this weekend, but I will also move around some firewood, cut down some more tree limbs and probably pull out last year's tomato plants.

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