Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today's trip to the rare fruit society

They had a grafting workshop out at Elizabeth. Lovely day for a drive - although my fondest memories of heading north on a weekend was when I'd be heading out for some skydiving.

But I learnt about grafting, bought a knife and some budwood - O'Henry and Blackburn Elberta peaches - and a nashi of some sort.

And I came home and budded the peaches - plus some Angel Donut wood - to a peach that just appeared in the driveway.

I tried to do a bud last year and it didn't take, but I'm encouraged by that golden elm I did a few weeks ago. The tips are swelling on the elm, so I laid in about eight grafts on this little peach.

I will report back. So my normal $280 trip to Perry's nursery has been replaced by about $50 this year with the rare fruit society. I only have one citrus to buy now.

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