Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rainbow Lorikeet Rescued

How good is that? Yesterday a rainbow lorikeet was obviously a little injured and grounded in my back yard. I kept the dog off it, put it in an empty aviary for the midday, let it out in the afternoon with the dog behind a gate.

At night it flapped out of a tree where it was hiding, so I put it back in the aviary for the night. Just then it had been sitting on a perch in the aviary and with the sun out I put the dog away again and then went to move the bird back out onto the ground.

The idea here is that if it's a fledgeling that's fallen out of the nest, the parents come down and feed it, the baby gets some energy and can fly back to the nest.

As I went to handle the bird he/she jumped off the perch, out the door and the last thing I saw was a disappearing black spot on this background

over my back fence. I didn't even get a photo of the bird when it was with me. Quite apt really.

And I'm pretty thankful. I didn't want to include hand rearing of a native bird to my todo list.

Halie can come out of the cooch now.

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