Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Meat bones" opportunity gone missing

It's amazing how sometimes one can benefit from a supermarket making a screwup. I remember once when I got $80 of lamb racks for $10 because they were weighed and coded as flap/ribs. Sorry about that, but they must've had a new person on that day. All learning costs, it just varies in terms of who pays.

Many times it's me who pays for my (and sometimes others) learning.

The other day I bought a bag of "meat bones" for $3.50 with the plan being for the dog, although these are always ok for human consumption. Based on the part of the meat case it was in, it's the law.

If I hadn't left them for a few days they might've been used for human consumption! A closer look told me they were all loin chops - normally $30 per kg. some apprentice must've been cutting too thin for spec or something.

Never mind. Halie gets loin chops.

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