Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tightwad Gourmet: Egg Supreme Wraps

It even ticks the vegetarian box. Well sort of. I knew somebody once who called themself and "Ovo lacto pescatarian" and another who considered themself a "no neckatarian" (not eat anything with a neck). I suppose it ticks their boxes.

So I'll probably need to find cost efficient ways of getting calories into me for a while. Hence the "gourmet tightwad" meme.

With four beautiful chookies - who I love to keep for their gardening duties, the eggs keep rolling through. Even while I've got two newies, just started in training. But even now we get a dozen a week so yippee. The quiche and the meringue things is there, and we'll keep doing that. Also read up on bearnaise sauce.

But the perfect egg/lettuce rollup for lunch? Why not.

Okey. Prick the eggs, put in hot water, bring to boil, simmer for about seven minutes. Now, very important: straight off the heat, run the whole lot under water and then throw some ice in there.

Y'know the grey crap one gets around the yolks on boiled eggs? It happens when they cool slowly. Look at these beauties:

So I then squeeze some Praise over them and then some Keen's curry powder.

Tomorrow morning I'll wrap them. Stay tuned. Or not.

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