Saturday, April 9, 2011

$10 per kg lamb

It works. I remember in the 70s where mum would cook loin chops for dinner and we could take as many as we want.

And (gasp) as a kid I'd far prefer sausages.

These are lamb ribs and I got them for about $8-10 per kg. Do this:
  • Salt them in the tray
  • Get a pan hot - nonstick
  • Throw them in and sear on the salt
  • Salt the top
  • Cover, turn the heat down
  • Let them go at low heat for about an hour, shake ten every 20 minutes or so to get the red bits into the heat
  • Get another non-stick pan really hot and then sear the crap out of them, all over.
You get a great tasting, tender, salty fatty lamb cut for a fifth of the price of loin. We're not swimming in money at the moment so we make do. This is pretty good. With some broccoli, peperoli and beans it still gets a five person dinner done for around $10.

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