Friday, May 27, 2011

Make a pumpkin soup for Sylv

My lovely wife Sylvia is working Wednesdays at a nice school where they rotate the role of bringing soup in for the rest of their workbuddies.

And June 3 is Sylvia's day. So that's great, I've got the chicken bits (don't think about it too much) from last week, bought a few pumpkins and will make it happen.

Here's how:

  • After the chicken roast I cleared all the bones to a Tupperware container and kept it in the fridge.

  • I deglazed the pan (heated it and poured in boiling water) and kept the liquid with the bones.

  • Now - Friday night - I have put it all in a big pot and brought to the boil. Skimmed off the yuk that comes to the top, then throw in chopped carrot and onion w some parsley bay peppercorns and maybe some salt.

  • Simmer it down until you can tell the liquid holds all the goodness.

  • Strain it, give the solids to the chickens

  • Chill the liquid, when chilled pick off the solid fat and give to the dog or the chickens.

It's almost impossible to make a bad soup after you've made stock this way, but that's probably tomorrow's blog.

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