Sunday, May 15, 2011

Squid, baby

Easy, peasy. Only problem nobody else in the house eats it. But I got some squid tubes around $13/kg. Fed the family with other stuff, then made my squid. Cut it to tubes, sliced a couple of chillis. Got hold of some garlic aha! Confession. Whenever I need garlic now I use this. It just solves too many problems. Sorry.

So, turn the tubes into rings. Get the pan vhot and put some good olive oil in. Throw the squid in, garlic and chilli on top, some salt. Stir, stir, stir maybe a minute at full heat. Spray some lemon juice on it and then get it onto a metal plate to suck the heat out of it. If you can manage to eat it while it's still warm then fine, otherwise get it cold quickly. Great cold for lunch antipasto or anything, and cheap.

Get over the idea that squid needs to bee cooked. Remember that when it's served as sushi it's some of the best on the nigiri menu. So always, always go for undercook.

Now, to contradict myself I HAVE heard of ways to slowcook squid which sound great too - but I have no idea what they are. George on masterchef mentioned it last season. It's on my todo list. But for us mere mortals - undercook always.

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