Saturday, May 28, 2011

Riedel varietal specific wine glasses

I'm sold. I know the Riedel glasses are great, I've had a pair since my bud Damien Wilson got them for me back in about 2004.

But I was at that Chardonnay function on Thursday at the Qwoff Boys where we were using a shorter, fatter little glass. Sure, the wine tasted good but I thought it was just because it was good wine.

But just tonight, at a show called #winedup (many thanks to HomestyleSA, Feast Fine Foods, Yalumba, Lazy Ballerina and McLaren Vale Beer Company) I really learnt something.

Spriggy did an experiment with me. He said "oh, you like the Chardonnay glass?" I said "I did the other night".

Before I knew it, Spriggy had whipped out a Riedel Reisling glass put some (nice) Chardonnay in it and got me to swirl, sniff and taste. It was nice. We tipped the glass into a varietal specific Chardonnay glass and we repeated.

Without exaggeration, it was an entirely different wine. I'm not good at putting words to my tasting, but it's as simple as that - the wine was entirely different. It had gone from tasting like a $20 wine to a $50+. Honest truth.

There is something to this varietal specific stemware, I'm sure.

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